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Introduction to brush market introduction

Submit order: if your brush point & gt; =10000 points, you can submit the brush sales order, the order price is $ 0.1 / 10000 brush points, of course, you can also improve the price for sale, this official restriction, choose the transaction type =sell, to enter the brush number, enter the order unit price, and then you can click the submit order, this submission order, your order will appear in my transaction order, and deduct the corresponding points

; in your total brush number Load All Market Orders: If you regain all the data from the trading market first, click the Load All Market Order button and reload all the sales orders into the trading market

; Buy: Here is to help users who want to buy brush point, if you want to buy brush point, you can choose the order in this trading market, choose the order, the order becomes blue, then click to purchase, and then click to buy brush point, this time your purchase order, will appear in my trading order

; Show My Market Order: Order this shows only my market sell order

; Undo My Market Order: If you want to revoke your market order, you can choose to choose your market order, then cancel my Market Order button, cancel it. After successful cancellation, the brush dots in your market order will be returned to your Brush Point account

; Next page: Just if you want to view more orders, click on the next page to view more selling brush point orders

; Load My Transaction Order: If your transaction order is empty or want to refresh your transaction order data, click the Load My Transaction Order button and do

; Undo Pay Deal: Order here is for the buyer, if you buy, brush point, have generated the order, but not yet, and at this time when you no longer intend to pay, you can choose to cancelthe transaction Pay

; View Trader Information: If you want to view the order trader 's contact information, select your transaction order and then view the trader' s contact information

; Buyer ready to pay: if you have clicked the purchase, and entered the quantity, generated the order, this time want to pay, you can choose the corresponding order in your transaction order list, and then click the buyer to prepare payment button, there will appear the other party's contact information, and transaction information, and then make payment, payment is completed, click me have paid. Then at this time your order status becomes: Payment is done (payment complete) and when your dealer sees you have the payment done, send a brush to your account

; Seller confirm delivery: when the seller see the order has paid, this time want to ship, in my transaction order list, choose the corresponding order, and then click the seller to confirm delivery button, this time, pop up the receiving account and receiving quantity and the contact information of the consignee, and then confirm correct, confirm the delivery

; Buyers confirm receipt: when the seller shipped, remember to point the buyer to confirm receipt, so the transaction is complete, and complete the order will appear in the historicaltransaction order, and, must remind the buyer, the purchase brush, once have a deal, must be completed (either cancel, or pay, know the transaction completed), can buy the brush again, so the buyer confirm receipt must click, and then in the button will increase the seller evaluation system

; Load a Historical Transaction Order: Just Refresh your Historical Transaction Order



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