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Add a Project Introduction

Link types to add: Only youtube are currently supported here Link Website: If you choose the youtube of Link type, then add youtube's video web address, such as:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOylF6M3rcY, Note: Don't add anything else behind this Vv=dOylF6M3rcY ,dOylF6M3rcY, like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UelcI_WIjtY&t= 38s like this V parameter also added a tv=UelcI_WIjtY&t= 38s, so not so generally not approved

; Link complete title: is the complete title of your youtube video link, note: if the complete title, and your title, it is better not to have similar & quot;[" or "] " such punctuation, and you add the complete title, must be searched in youtube search page video, is generally the first video (after search the video above), otherwise can not pass the audit

; Minimum Display Time: If your selected video from youtube shows, the minimum display time is 1 minute, here is calculated in seconds, so at least 60 seconds

; Most display time: this casually you define, the final display time is to take a random time between the minimum display time and the maximum display time, for display

; Add a link: after setting the link type, link website, link full title, website minimum display time, after the most display time, you can add the link, if added smoothly, will be added to the following link list

; Loading User Link Information: If the user link list is empty, you can click the Loading User Link Information button to load all the link information you add, generally you add a link, will automatically reload all your link information

; Delete link: If you want to delete your link, just in the link list, click Select, this time the link information appears blue, then delete this link

; Volume Audit Link: When you add the link, you need to review your own review and others will show your video

; Audit link success standard: first the software display others link, is the habit of simulating manual search link, the first is to open the youtube website, and then enter keywords, but the keywords here are the complete full title information of your video, if others enter the complete title information of your video link, can search your video, then in general, is successful, can pass the audit video



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